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I really appreciate the individualized  training that you did with me to help me further my knowledge in health care.  I will always be grateful for your investment in me as a health care worker and as a person.  Thank you again-Angela S Young

It was my pleasure working along side of you in a career that is so rewarding taking care of people who are so important! -Chelsie Dorminey, CNA

Tina Points and Maria Wells were my preceptors for my Medical Assistant Program years ago. Under Tina and Maria's supervision, I learned how to verify patient information, take blood pressures and other vital signs, measure weight, height and temperature. I learned how to perform EKGs, take INRs, and do Glucose Blood Testing.  They taught me protocols for patient medical records and proper phone etiquette. These ladies are very  ambitious and compassionate about nursing and helping other people. I'm a Certified Nursing Assistant & Certified Medical Assistant all because i was properly trained by Tina and Maria. Thank you ladies for all you do!

-Nikki Lambert, CNA, 


I have known Tina & Maria for over 10 years and worked with them for many of those years. They have always been very knowledgeable, compassionate and thorough Nurses. Working along side them was a heartwarming experience knowing that they were so passionate about care giving. –Debbie Spears, RN 

 My HR position 16 years ago yielded my the pleasure of working with Tina Points, LPN.  She is a very compassionate nurse with decades of experience in not only nursing but also teaching and mentoring young students in health care.  Tina partnering with a very passionate nurse, Maria Wells, RN, who I have known for the last 11 years, together creating Vitals Medical Training.  This has been a very positive opportunity for this community of Orange Park and Jacksonville, with all of their combined knowledge,  expertise and passion for health care.  I wish them the best of luck, knowing that their students will achieve great success, as they are in great hands !  

-Jackie S Marcum, HR Director

My name is Dimple Brown. I have been a CNA for 28 yrs.  If you are interested in becoming a CNA then go see Tina and Maria at Vitals Medical Training. I have worked with them for over 10 years.  They are very experienced nurses and excellent at teaching/training.  You cannot find better caring nurses in this field!


I have had the pleasure to know and have worked with Maria Wells for the last 20 years and have been very impressed with not only her clinical skills but her integrity, compassion and enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring students entering the health care field.  She has always served as a professional role model for the nursing profession by her dedication to her volunteer community work & civic commitments, as well as her passion for teaching and her diligence to make health care a better institution. I have also known Tina Points for almost 10 years and enjoyed working with her and being part of her medical team and being able to watch this great nurse care for patients but also mentor and shape the lives of young health care students with her nursing expertise.  -Paula Wrye, Medical Records and Credentialing Specialist

It has been my pleasure of working with both Tina Points and Maria Wells for many years. They both have great compassion for helping others and providing great care to their patients. They have been preceptors who have helped many students from all different local schools who have entrusted their students to get the best clinical studies they can achieve.  If I was going back to school for further education in the medical field such as CNA & CPR, I would want them both as my instructors. These are 2 of the best nurses I have had the pleasure of calling coworkers and friends.  Good Luck and Best wishes to your students and to Vitals Medical Training.  

-Theresa Jarvinen, Medical Lab Assistant

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Vitals has been a blessing to me in helping me pass my FL State CNA Boards.  I moved here from Hawaii as a Medical Assistant and took a government job that suddenly required a FL CNA License.  I enrolled at Vitals after taking a tour and meeting the owners/instructors and these 2 nurses helped me so much with accommodating my work hours with my CNA training.  Their expertise and passion for teaching helped me pass my CNA Boards ! Loida Ramos, CNA, MA


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