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Classes & Requirements

Vitals Medical Training

CNA Exam Prep Course-Vitals Medical Training

Vitals  offers CNA Exam Prep classes taught by Vital's Nurse Owners to students who want to quickly challenge the Florida Certified Nursing Assistant Examination.  

Our CNA Exam Prep Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for the Florida CNA Licensure Exam. You will have the opportunity to complete this CNA Prep course via weekly 3-day classes Mon-Wed or  weekly 2-day classes Sat-Sun with Nurse Instructors OR through our Learning Management System (LMS) online. You can access training courses and videos from your cell phone or your home computer. We offer content that is essential to both clinical and theory and include videos for all 22 clinical skills and also hundreds of written theory practice questions based on State of Florida CNA Exam criteria. In-class and On-line will give you the needed advantage for excelling on your State Boards.

Thank you for your interest in Vitals Medical Training, Inc.  Keeping The Pulse On Your Career".  

CNA Exam Prep Course Minimum Requirements

  • A high school diploma NOT required, or its GED equivalent; BUT must be at least 18 years of age if you do not have a diploma.
  • Pass criminal background check (student purchases separately; not included in course price.)
  • Closed Toe Shoes - mandatory
  • Scrubs - optional - business casual acceptable
  • Government issued valid I.D.
  • Register for course
  • Be on time and ready to learn
  • Demonstrates a minimum competency to read and write

Educational Opportunity  

Vital Medical Training ensures that equal educational opportunities are offered to students, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, ancestry, or disability. Questions in reference to educational opportunities may be directed to the Administrator of Vitals Medical Training, who is responsible for gender equity (Title IX), minorities, (Title VI), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and also serves as the director of disability services, for issues regarding students with disabilities. 

CNA Examination State of Florida Requirements

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by Examination

Florida Statutes


464.203 Certified Nursing Assistants; Certification Requirement

Florida Department of Health Background Screening

Disclaimer: CNA Exam Prep Course does not offer a diploma, the course is for test preparation, and does not include in writing or orally any promise regarding salaries, job placement, or career advancement. This class is not an 120-hr CNA class.