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Vitals Medical Training

CNA, CPR, First AID Orange Park, FL

Getting to Know Vitals Medical Training

Welcome to Vitals Medical Training ! We are currently serving Gainesville, Starke, Orange Park FL ,Jacksonville FL & surrounding Northeast and Northcentral areas.  We are your training headquarters for your new and exciting look into the health care industry.

Vitals Medical Training provides CNA Exam Prep Classes that will prepare you for the Florida CNA Licensure Exam in 3 days; also classes for CPR Certification and First Aid Certification are available.  Our instructors work with individuals in small classes to ensure learning and confidence. We also work with Nursing Facilities who need to assist their employees in being re-trained or needing licensure.  We also work with job re-training companies and non-profit groups who are trying to help individuals get back into the work force.

Our CNA Exam Prep Course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required for the Florida CNA Licensure Exam. Our dedicated health care professionals will help you with your goal of passing the licensure exam.

Vitals Medical Training courses are taught by career professionals with over 20 + years each of expertise in the health care  field. Our instructors are Registered Nurses that have the experience and knowledge and have demonstrated their skills in a health care setting.

Start your new path in learning with Vitals Medical Training. 

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You can pay for any of your classes using SQUARE  or  PAYPAL from your phone/computer or the card reader/swipe at our can also receive 6-month-interest-free payment extensions through PAYPAL instead of paying CNA class fee in one lump sum.  Please ask us how to use PayPal Credit ! 904) 263-3935


Prometric, Inc (State Board fees, enrollment)  

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Educational Opportunity  

Vital Medical Training ensures equal educational opportunities are offered to students, regardless of race, color, national origin, age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion, veteran status, Vietnam veteran status, ancestry, or disability. Questions in reference to educational opportunities may be directed to the Administrator of Vitals Medical Training, who is responsible for gender equity (Title IX), minorities, (Title VI), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and also serves as the director of disability services, for issues regarding students with disabilities. 

Our Purpose


Meet the needs of all students choosing a healthcare preparation class in order to pursue their goals. 

Provide an environment that is integrated, innovated, and a professional approach to learning. 

Deliver quality healthcare education while enriching the lives of our students for success in order to serve in our community.


To become the leader in CNA and medical preparation classes for students everywhere by facilitating proper teaching techniques, providing rationale for critical thinking and providing feedback and evaluations. 

Meet the required State of Florida Clinical and Theory Skills that will provide students with the baseline core competencies in pursuing their present and future healthcare goals.








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Vitals Medical Training, Inc.

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Hours Mon - Sun 9am to 5 pm

Weekly classes start every Monday, taught by Nurses! Free refresher classes and extra practice time up until the time of your State Board exam any day of the week! Evening and Weekend classes, structured around your schedule. Call with any scheduling questions. $349 Fee includes student handbook, practice questions, theory and clinical step by step guide, clinical videos via our Learning Management System online. Individual classes and corporate classes are also available for CNA, CPR and First 

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